Isaiah 66: 13-24

October 12, 2022
Isaiah concludes his prophecy by pointing to the blessings promised to the remnant who come to Christ at His 2nd coming, and the final judgment of Christ rejectors.

Isaiah 66: 1-12

October 6, 2022
Israel's political regathering happened in May of 1948, but her spiritual regathering will happen at the second coming of Christ.

Isaiah 64: 1-12

September 14, 2022
Our righteous acts are seen as filthy rags by God before salvation. Can you imagine what our sins must look like to a holy God?

Isaiah 63: 7-19

September 7, 2022
Isaiah examines the LORD'S past blessings to Israel and asks Him to again display His power as He did in the past.

Isaiah 63: 1-6

August 31, 2022
A future scene of Christ returning from the battle of Armageddon. We will also look at some related passages in Revelation.