Isaiah 5: 1-25

January 13, 2021
In Isaiah's day evil was called good and good evil. We are seeing the same thing happening in America today. Let's examine some of the similarities between Judah and America…

Isaiah 3:1-26

December 30, 2020
Isaiah continued to expose the sins of Jerusalem and Judah. The parallels between Judah's sins and present day America are astounding.

Isaiah 2: 1-22

December 9, 2020
Isaiah speaks of future millennial blessings when Messiah will reign from Jerusalem. But Jerusalem and Judah have turned from the LORD and face impending judgment.

Isaiah 1: 1-31

December 2, 2020
Judah had turned her back on the LORD and He pleads with her to come back to Him. Refusing to repent will bring certain judgment.