We Need God!

July 5, 2020
Our nation is in serious trouble. Will God save America or is it too late? What can we do? 10 steps to change America.

Acts 17: 19-34

July 5, 2020
Paul presented Christ at Mar's Hill in Athens. There is much for us to learn about witnessing in this passage.

Acts 17: 1-18

June 14, 2020
The Apostle Paul continued on his second missionary journey with great success, but much opposition from Christ rejecting Jews.

Acts 16: 1-24

May 31, 2020
Paul and Barnabus have a falling out before the second missionary journey, but God made it a positive because there would now be two teams going out instead of one.…
This Covid19 pandemic could very well be America's last chance to return to God. We have drifted far from the Biblical principles that our nation was founded upon. Even our…