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Acts 4: 13-31

December 1, 2019
Peter and John face their first opposition by the Jewish religious leaders simply because a man lame from birth was healed in the name of Jesus.
David wrote this psalm after God delivered him from King Achish in 1 Samuel 21:10. This is one of 9 alphabetical psalms. Each of the 22 verses begins with the…


November 24, 2019
Christians should have a life of joy, prayer, and thankfulness. Let's examine 7 things that will hinder these graces.

Acts 4: 1-12

November 24, 2019
Opposition to the gospel begins to mount as the religious leaders harass the Apostles.

Faith versus Sight

November 17, 2019
We are not only saved by grace through faith, but the child of God is to live by faith. What does that look like?

Acts 3: 21-26

November 17, 2019
The conclusion of Peter's second sermon and it's results.
This centurion demonstrated great faith that caused Jesus to marvel!

Acts 3:12-20

November 10, 2019
A continuation of the healing of the man lame from birth.
There is no hope in this life without Christ. The Bible is clear where our hope lies.

Acts 2:37-47: Acts 3:1-11

November 3, 2019
The results of Peter's sermon at Pentecost and the dedication of the new converts. Peter and John at the temple and the healing of the lame man.
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