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Romans 10:1-21

July 14, 2019
Paul teaches that both Jew and Gentile must come to God through faith in Christ.
Zephaniah continues to speak of the LORD'S coming judgment of Israel and ultimately the whole world during the tribulation.

Romans 9: 19-33

July 7, 2019
Paul continues discussing the sovereignty of God in the salvation of the Gentiles. The Jews sought salvation through the Law, and the Gentiles came to God through faith in Christ.…
Zephaniah prophesied during the reign of Josiah, the last Godly king of Judah. He warned of the impending judgment of God using the Babylonians, and the final outpouring of His…

Where is God in America?

June 30, 2019
Follow the moral decline of America since the 1960's.

Romans 9: 1-18

June 23, 2019
Paul has finished the main portion of the epistle and now goes back and answers questions concerning the Jews part in all of this since they appear to have been…
Habakkuk ends his book with a prayer and song of praise. He went from questioning God's use of Babylon to chasten Judah to accepting His will and looking to the…

Romans 8: 28-39

June 16, 2019
Paul continues dealing with God's work in the believer.
Habakkuk waited patiently on the LORD and was given the answer to his question about God using the Chaldeans to chasten the people of Judah.
The mission of Child Evangelism Fellowship is clear.
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