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Isaiah 25: 1-12

June 16, 2021
God will preserve and protect His people during the Day of the Lord judgment(those saved during the tribulation period).
God is a God of perfect love, but He is also a God of perfect wrath.

Isaiah 24: 1-23

June 9, 2021
The judgments of the 11 nations in the previous chapters were a precursor to the judgment of the whole world in the Day of the Lord.
Personal holiness has a real affect on our assurance of salvation.
We have seen the people's unfaithfulness in Judah; now let's examine the leader's unfaithfulness. In chapter 23, Phonecia is facing God's judgment. Lastly, we will look at some things that…
Signposts to prepare for worship.

Isaiah 22: 1-14

May 26, 2021
Those in Jerusalem where celebrating when they should have been mourning and repenting. The judgment of God was soon to be poured out upon Judah and Jerusalem.  
Part 1 of a 2 part look at the Biblical definition and examples of worship in the Word of God.
Isaiah 20 is basically a footnote to the prophecy against Egypt in chapter 19. Chapter 21 contains the predicted judgment against Edom the descendants of Esau.
What is the glory of God? How did God show us His glory throughout history? How does it relate to our purpose in life?
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