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We serve a good God! Let's look at the goodness of God.

Isaiah 14:16-15:9

March 24, 2021
God's judgment on Babylon and Philistia.
Our God is omnipotent. Because our God is All Powerful, we can face any trial with great confidence!

Isaiah 14: 1-15

March 17, 2021
Isaiah continues his pronouncement of God's judgment that will fall on Babylon both in the near future and also at the end of the tribulation period. Lucifer's original fall is…
God is always with the believer. He is omnipresent and so there is nothing we cannot face in our lives.
Our God is omniscient. There are many blessings for the Christian because of this fact.

Isaiah 13: 1-22

March 3, 2021
A new section begins in chapter 13. Isaiah now proclaims God's coming judgment against proud and arrogant Babylon both in the near future and at the end of the tribulation…
Jesus said we are to lose our lives to find our lives- what?

Isaiah 11: 1-16; 12: 1-6

February 24, 2021
Isaiah speaks of the coming Kingdom of Messiah and the regathering of Israel.
God hears the prayers of His Saints because we approach a Throne of Grace not a Throne of Law. This is possible because of the shed blood of Christ.
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