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The "Cargo Cult" and prayer. What is the real essence of prayer?
Moses concludes his prophecy concerning Israel's impending doom if they reject the Lord and disobey Him when they enter the Promised land.
A look at the 1st dispensation, Innocence or Freedom {Genesis 1:26- 3;6}.
Life for the dedicated Christian is not easy. We are often faced with trials and afflictions. How do we deal with the hardships?
Moses continues listing the curses that would fall upon Israel if they disobeyed the Lord.
What is Dispensational theology? Why is this critical in understanding the Bible, God's Word?
A few months after writing 1 Thessalonians, Paul sends a second letter to correct the teachings of the false teachers and to encourage the saints.
Moses continues to list the curses that would fall upon Israel if they failed to obey the Lord's commands when they entered the Promised land.


March 8, 2023
Biblical teaching on the human conscience.

Faith versus Sight

March 5, 2023
We are saved by grace through faith. We are also supposed to live by faith and not by sight.