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Galations 4: 1-11

August 7, 2022
Are we born into the family of God or adopted?
Moses reminds the people of their responsibilities to the Lord in giving their tithes in the Promised land.

Isaiah 60: 8-22

August 3, 2022
Israel will rise to dominance in the Millenium.
The Judaizers taught that the Law of Moses somehow did away with the promises of God to Abraham. Paul corrected that false notion.
Moses lists dietary restrictions again in this passage. Some possible reasons why.

Isaiah 60: 1-7

July 27, 2022
Follow God's glory through the pages of Scripture.
The Judaizers wanted Gentile converts to be placed under the Law of Moses. Paul had much to say about this as he begins the doctrinal section of his letter.
Are we to be holy just because God is holy? How important is it?

Isaiah 59:12-21

July 20, 2022
God calls out the injustice in Israel and provides Himself as the solution to their sin problem.
Paul deals with the subject of grace and law.