Jude 8-11

January 25, 2023
False teachers reject and rebel against God's authority. Jude went on to describe 3 examples from the Old Testament to illustrate the severity of their sin.

Jude 5-7

January 18, 2023
Jude gives 3 Old Testament examples of God's victory over those resistant to His authority and those who turned from truth.

Jude 4, cont’d

January 11, 2023
Jude exposed those who were denying God's truth. We must be aware of the same issue today and be willing to take a stand.

Jude 4

January 4, 2023
There are repeated warnings in both the New and Old Testaments concerning coming apostacy and the judgment of God which follows.
When Israel entered the Promised land, they were to maintain distinctions in the areas of dress and farming. These both stress the importance of separation in their lives. We also…