Isaiah 30: 1-33

August 4, 2021
Chapter 30 begins with another woe pointed specifically at Jerusalem. Stop trusting alliances with other nations and start trusting God. The chapter contains many promises if they would repent and…

Isaiah 29: 1-24

July 28, 2021
Chapters 28-31 form a section that deals mainly with the judgment of Jerusalem. 5 woes are contained in this section. The 2nd and third woes are in this chapter. Intermingled…
We have seen the people's unfaithfulness in Judah; now let's examine the leader's unfaithfulness. In chapter 23, Phonecia is facing God's judgment. Lastly, we will look at some things that…
Isaiah 20 is basically a footnote to the prophecy against Egypt in chapter 19. Chapter 21 contains the predicted judgment against Edom the descendants of Esau.

Isaiah 9: 1-21; 10: 1-4

February 10, 2021
Isaiah describes the coming judgment to be inflicted upon Israel by the Assyrian army. This was a clear warning to Judah. The prophet also spoke of the coming Messiah and…

Isaiah 8: 1-22

February 3, 2021
Isaiah continues his warnings concerning Judah making alliances with Assyria and other foreign governments rather than trusting God.