Isaiah 29: 1-24

July 28, 2021
Chapters 28-31 form a section that deals mainly with the judgment of Jerusalem. 5 woes are contained in this section. The 2nd and third woes are in this chapter. Intermingled…
We have seen the people's unfaithfulness in Judah; now let's examine the leader's unfaithfulness. In chapter 23, Phonecia is facing God's judgment. Lastly, we will look at some things that…
Isaiah 20 is basically a footnote to the prophecy against Egypt in chapter 19. Chapter 21 contains the predicted judgment against Edom the descendants of Esau.

Isaiah 9: 1-21; 10: 1-4

February 10, 2021
Isaiah describes the coming judgment to be inflicted upon Israel by the Assyrian army. This was a clear warning to Judah. The prophet also spoke of the coming Messiah and…

Isaiah 8: 1-22

February 3, 2021
Isaiah continues his warnings concerning Judah making alliances with Assyria and other foreign governments rather than trusting God.