Acts 18: 22-28

July 19, 2020
Paul begins his third missionary journey. He doesn't establish any new churches, but visits churches previously planted

Acts 17: 19-34

July 5, 2020
Paul presented Christ at Mar's Hill in Athens. There is much for us to learn about witnessing in this passage.

Acts 17: 1-18

June 14, 2020
The Apostle Paul continued on his second missionary journey with great success, but much opposition from Christ rejecting Jews.

Acts 16: 1-24

May 31, 2020
Paul and Barnabus have a falling out before the second missionary journey, but God made it a positive because there would now be two teams going out instead of one.…

Acts 15

May 24, 2020
The Judaizers wanted the newly converted Gentiles to follow Moses' Law in addition to receiving Christ. A meeting was called in Jerusalem to deal with the matter.
The last part of chapter 13 records the results of Paul's first message. The focus of ministry changed to the Gentiles. Jewish leaders filled with jealousy and envy stirred up…

Acts 13: 14-41

May 3, 2020
The Apostle Paul preaches his first message in a synagogue in Antioch in Pisidia. It was very similar to Stephen's message in Acts 7. Christ was central in his preaching…

Acts 13:1-13

April 26, 2020
The Apostle Paul is now the main character replacing Peter. The Holy Spirit chooses the first missionaries and sends them out from the church of Antioch of Syria.

Acts 11: 22-30

March 29, 2020
Paul and Barnabus¬† spend a year in Antioch of Syria teaching the Word of God. It is here that believers were first called Christians. Who coined the title? What does…

Acts 11: 1-21

March 22, 2020
Peter rehearses for the Judaizers how God saved the Gentiles and gave them the same Holy Spirit as the Jews received when they received Christ.

Acts 10: 34-48

March 15, 2020
The Holy Spirit falls upon the Gentiles the moment they repent and believe on Jesus. They spoke in tongues just like the Jews did in Acts 2.